October 01, 2013




It's natural for tastes to evolve as we get older. Transitioning to adulthood is usually accompanied by some big décor changes as well. Color Please has some tips to make your space more mature.





1. Get some curtains to cover those windows!

Curtains are an instant way to make a space more refined. Good news - they can be surprisingly cheap. Just make sure to measure the dimensions and verify how many curtains are included in a single package. Chances are, you'll have to buy more than one to accommodate all the windows in a room.
2. Buy a bed! Seriously, right now.

Ditch that futon or floor mattress you had in college and get a bed to sleep in. Not only is it more hygienic, it really makes a space seem more mature. 

3. Put a piece of art on your wall!
Moving from an edge-torn dorm poster to a stretched canvas or a framed piece of art will have a serious impact on your space. Kids have posters, teenagers have risqué posters, and adults have art.
4. For design's sake, accessorize and prop. 
Candles, vases, plants, jars, and even a matching lamp can really tie a space together and bring a sense of maturity to a room. Personal treasures are still important, but don't be afraid to choose items solely based on their aesthetic appeal.
5. Ditch the sparkly, Pink-Princess theme.
Bright colors are great (obviously,) but make sure to balance in woods, neutral tones, and different shades of color. A careful combination of these aspects is guaranteed to provide a mature interior look.

 6. Clean up the clutter!

Part of growing up is recognizing what to keep, what to put in storage, and what to throw away. Your 3rd place soccer ribbon isn't going to help out your rug, so it's probably time for it's retirement. The same goes for all the remnants of your teenage years you have laying around. Our recommendation? Find the nearest Goodwill and let a new generation enjoy your artifacts from the 80's and 90's!